We are brothers born with an innate interest in visual storytelling.

Our collaboration results from diverse factors: we both attended vision therapy as children intended to train our eyes and improve our sight; our background is deeply rooted in graphic design; we began making amateur films before junior high school; we have acted on stage and on screen; we write an extensive amount of narrative fiction; and we have directed in theater and film since youth.

Individually and as a team, we have been prolific in visual and performance art and remain hungry for more opportunities. As lovers of film, theater, and storytelling, we plan to use film as a means of exploration. We want to investigate the human psyche, gender roles, genre conventions, principles of visual art, history and politics, and relationships: the ties that bind us as humans.

We gravitate towards projects that lend themselves to subjectivity. Themes of multiple perspectives, mental and psychological irregularities, the challenging of authority, the struggle for independence, and the line between fantasy and reality permeate our work.

We both agree that film's greatest benefit is its collaborative nature.

We incorporate the creativity of all artists with whom we work, but retain a sense of unity by acting as a synthesizing funnel. The most important collaborator in film is the audience. Keeping a keen eye on entertainment value, and the other on depth and substance, we place our highest priority on achieving an emotional catharsis.


Blue-Eyed Son

  Jun. 9, 2013
Thanks to Eenie Meenie, Magnet Magazine just released our latest music video!


  Eenie Meenie's Blue-Eyed Son finds himself and his idyllic surroundings in harm's way. Welcome to "Nightmare on Sesame Street!"

"What She's Got" Ray Jessel

  Ray Jessel spins a yarn about a girl with something extra-special. Written for the screen by Jonathan Roberts and George Olesky. Starring Olesky and Shane Adler.